On the morning of August 22nd 1922, Michael Collins left Cork City heading west for what would be his last tour. The purpose of the visit was not only to meet his officers and survey the situation on theground, butitwasalsoashowof confidence in the pro treaty National Army and the progress they were making against the IRA.

The Civil War was not yet over. The towns in the area had only recently been occupied by the pro treaty forces and much of the countryside
by Maria Young and Tim Crowley.
that on this part of the journey, as they neared his home place; Collins began to speak about his friends, his family and what the place meant to him. They passed through the village of Ballinascarthy and two milesfromClonakilty,wereforcedtostopbecause of felled trees that blocked the road. Michael Collins joined his men with hatchet in hand and threw himself vigorously into the task of chopping trees. Closer to Clonakilty, they encountered yet another obstacle and this time, Collins instructed the escort to turnaround, directing them up a boreen he knew well.

They rejoined the main road opposite the old workhouse, which earlier had been used as a barracks. The building, like many other barracks in the area, had been burned by retreating IRA.