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We at the Michael Collins Centre Museum are delighted to offer an exciting and gripping experience for students outside the classroom. According to a recent group leader “one hour at the Centre is worth more than days in school or lecture rooms".
Educational Experience

Michael Collins Centre Museum

We custom make the presentations to suit the needs and ages of the students and we like to discuss the content with the teachers or tutors before the visit. The dramatic storytelling style of our slideshows always keep students engaged and they get to see at close quarters artefacts, weapons and equipment from the time of Michael Collins.
We find that the outside exhibits, the firing squad execution yard and recreation of the Béal na Blá ambush site as especially popular with students.

What also works really well for school and college groups, is our Combination Tour, which is a visit to the museum followed by a guided visit to some of the sites on the ground. Students get an over view of the history, with everything being put into context at the museum and then they get to stand in the places where the history happened. Groups often have a 90 minute presentation at the museum and then travel to Woodfield, Kilmichael ambush site and Béal na Bla.


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